Best Instant Sweet Mixes India 2021

Hey, are you looking for the best instant sweet mixes then we found and best of best for you.

Making a Sweet Dish is tricky and time-consuming but we found the best Sweet Dish mixes for you. That will make your life easy and you can able to make sweet dish within an hour.

So let us began with our list…

Sweet dish Gits Gulab Jamun Mix

Gits Mix- Best Instant Sweet Mix Gulabjamun

Rs. 320 – 1kg

Wanted to Eat Gulab Jamun and then choose Gits Gulab Jamun Mix easy to cook and top-rated product must try it.

How To Gits Gulab Jamun in 3 Steps using Mix

  1. Add in parts 500 – 600ml ( approx 2-3 cups) water/milk to Gulab jamun mix. Kneed Gently into soft and smooth dough . Make small, uniform and round Gulab jamun.
  2. Deep fry in Ghee or oil on median to low heat until golden brown. Drain excesses oil.
  3. Soak the Jamuns into hot sugar syrup for 30 Minutes. Plate and serve.

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Best MTR Kheer Mix
Best MTR Kheer Mix

Vermicelli Seviyan – Best MTR Kheer Mix

Rs. 75

Wanted to make very delecious kheer then MTR present Best Instant Sweet Mixes for you. So you can make easily without wasting much time.

How To Cook MTR Vermicelli Seviyan Kheer Ready Mix in 1 simple step

  1. Boil 900 ml of milk. Add the contents of MTR Vermicelli Mix to boiled milk. Stir continuously on low flame about 10 – 12 minutes till fully cooked. Serve hot.
  2. Same do microwave but just take 16 – 17 minutes hight power cook.

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Ready to Eat Bengali Rossogolla
K C Das Bengali Rossogolla

Ready to Eat K C Das Bengali Rossogolla

Bored to make sweet dishes by adding make and wanted to eat ready-made sweet dish then you can shop K C Das Bengali Rossogolla. One of best seller and top rated product.

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