6 Best Dry Fruits For Weight Loss India 2021

GroceryMob found the 7 best dry fruits for weight loss. According to a study eating dry fruits instead of eating snacks in the morning, helps increase or boost our metabolism and that helps in losing our weight.

Dry fruits are helps us to loose weight, but there are 100’s of health benefits of eating an dry fruits. We found 6 dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, cashew, Raisins, Dried Apricots, Prune.

3rd Dry Fruits for weight loss

Almonds – Solimo Almonds

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Almonds are one of the best dry fruit for loose weight because it contains very low amounts of calories. 100gm almonds contain 576kcal which is very low.

So eating almonds on a daily basis in a low amount helps us to reduce bad cholesterol which is very high in overweight people.

So you definitely needed to eat almonds daily amount for loose weight.

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Cashew for loss weight

Cashews – Vedaka Whole Cashew

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Cashews our list second-best dry fruit for loose weight, because cashews contain magnesium, and magnesium helps our body regulate fat and carbohydrate in the body.

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Best Dry Fruits walnuts for weight loss

Walnuts – Tulsi California Walnuts

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Everyone knows that walnuts are very good for the brain but very few people know that it also helps us lose weight.

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Raisins for weight loss

Raisins : Vedaka Raisins

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Raisins are very good dry fruits for those who follow a low salt diet.

Now a days it’s difficult to find snacks that have both weight loss and low salt properties. But raisins have both.

So it one of the great dry fruits for weight loss in our list. Because it is tasty and high amount of iodine.

If you are searching dry fruit like this then this is great choice for you.

Dates Dry Fruits Loose Weight

Dates: Happilo Premium Omani

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Date are very good food dry fruit weight loss because it stops our mid – day hunger and make you feel full. So that automatically helps us to eat less and help to loose weight.

Dates also contains vitamin -B5 and this vitamin is helpful for boost your stamina. So you also get extra benefit by eating dates.

So that makes this dry fruit perfect for weight loss and we found best branded dates dry fruit for you so do not think to much try it once.

Apricots  Dry Fruit for weight loss

Apricot: SFT Dried Seedless Apricot

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Very few people know about the apricot is one of the healthy and rich in vitamins contains dry fruits.

It ensures your digestive tract runs with regularity, cleaning out the impurities in your body and that helps us reduce weight and reduce bad cholesterol in out body.

Many benefits of eating an Apricot.

  • Dried apricots have calcium, which strengthens your bones and preserves nerve function
  • They also include magnesium. Do you suffer from anxiety? Magnesium has calming qualities that can assist anyone who feels anxious or stressed. 

But there is no research linking dried apricots directly to weight loss. 

That why we have kept in last because there is not directly link to weight loss.

But it is very good dry fruits for healthy diet and healthy stomoch.

6 Best Dry Fruits For Weight Loss India 2021



Where to buy

Almonds - Solimo Almonds

Cashews - Vedaka Whole Cashew

Walnuts - Tulsi California Walnuts

Raisins : Vedaka Raisins

Dates : Happilo Premium Omani

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